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    • Woven from 100% Merino Wool in Plain Weave
    • Available in 5 Colours
    • Size: 0.23m x 1.70m Weight: 230 g
    A sprightly burst of colour! In this scarf we mix an exceptionally soft Merino Boucle yarn with a space dyed Slub yarn from Piedmont, Italy. The fringes are hand-knotted.
  • Gypsy

    • Knitted from 80% Merino Wool 20% Cashmere in Basket Stitch with Tuck Effect
    • Available in 12 Colours
    • Size: 0.65m x 2.00m Weight: 170g
    Two Italian yarns are mixed in this triangular shawl, a Merino/Cashmere blend from Tuscany and a finer Pure Merino Wool from Piedmont.
  • Cosmo

    • Woven from 100% Merino Wool in a Broken Twill Weave
    • Available in 12 Colours
    • Size: 0.45m x 2.30m Weight: 185g
    The colour of this scarf changes thread by thread over it’s full width. To achieve this unique effect, the warp is made from a shiny Merino Wool from Piedmont, Italy using a vertical hand-warping mill. The weft yarn is a slightly thicker Merino Wool, spun in Yorkshire, England. The fringes are knotted by hand.